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This is an effort in citizen-journalism – we don’t have a paid staff of crack investigative reporters on call – so we’re counting on you, the citizens and activists and do-it-yourself watchdogs, to tell your stories, provide us with news tips, be our eyes and ears in your community and furnish reports from the field, in written or video form, that we can publish on this website. We’ll help you with the editing and polishing, where it’s needed, but the important thing – the reason MonkeyWrenching was created – is getting the stories told that the so-called mainstream media just doesn’t seem interested in telling.

And that means we need you — our readers — to take an active part in that news- and information-gathering and story-telling.

So if there’s a story you think needs to be told, an issue you want to write about, a video testimonial you have about how green extremists are monkey-wrenching your lives, your jobs, your property female viagra rights, your town – we stand ready to be your “new media” publishing house. We need MWA citizen-correspondents and citizen-reporters in every state of the union. If you’re a blogger with special expertise or interest in these issues, and have a knack for explaining them in a factual, interesting and concise way, we seek your contributions and participation.

Think of MonkeyWrenching not just as a resource, but as a platform, through which you can join the fight against radical environmentalists who are determined to undermine your freedoms, property rights and economic prosperity in their quest to reinvent the country according to their environmentally-correct dictates.

Please submit all questions, inquiries, testimonials, letters to the editor, news tips, story ideas or videos to MWA Editor Sean Paige at, or reach him by phone at (719) 494-0797.  It’s only by working in partnership, and by focusing the power of citizen-journalism on these issues, that this website will achieve its full potential.

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