Give Red Tape a Rest Rally Targets EPA

Agency Accused of Biased Science and Rogue Regulating

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Americans for Prosperity-Colorado on April 4 will hold a “Give Red Tape a Rest” rally to coincide with an Environmental Protection Agency-organized mining conference in Denver. AFP-CO believes the agency’s rogue regulators and biased scientists are destroying jobs, driving-up energy costs, crippling America’s competitiveness and contributing to the country’s economic crisis.

The protest takes place:

Wednesday, April 4
12:00 Noon
Renaissance Denver Hotel
3801 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80207

Those participating can register by following this link.  

Recent rules targeting coal-fired power plants are the latest in a long list of EPA regulatory excesses, according to AFP-CO, which will cost Coloradans jobs and contribute to already-skyrocketing energy costs. The agency relies on biased, agenda-driven “science” and “scientists” to bolster its actions, the group says, pointing to the shoddy work the agency did investigating alleged water well contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming — as well as the agency’s decision to provide a prime speaking spot at the April 4 conference to Boulder-based Stratus Consulting, a hired gun for extreme environmental groups that has been implicated in a scheme to use shady   science to rig a favorable ruling in a lawsuit in South America.

Stratus is being sued, under federal anti-organized crime laws, after one of its principles, Ann Maest, was caught on video appearing to agree to doctor data in a way that would exaggerate environmental damage and increase the payout for plaintiffs and their lawyers in the long-running legal case. Maest originally was on the April 4 speaking schedule, but abruptly vanished from the program – probably when EPA caught wind of the fact that her appearance might cialis onset of action prove controversial or prompt objections. (The Colorado Public Advocate reports in more detail about Meast’s sudden vanishing act in this piece.)

Another, less-controversial Stratus representative has replaced Maest on Wednesday’s program. But AFP-CO believes the taint of biased science remains as long as Stratus is still on the program. The group believes EPA’s original attempt to showcase Maest, and any continued involvement of Stratus, highlights the agency’s willingness to use and embrace biased, agenda-driven science in order to justify its overregulation of America’s resource industries, energy sector and economy at large.

“Ann Maest and Stratus Consulting are poster children for the kind of questionable, agenda-driven ‘science’ that federal regulators and their green allies outside government use to block energy production, increase consumer costs, kill jobs and smother the American economy in unnecessary red tape,” said AFP-CO State Director Jeff Crank. “We hope this Give Red Tape a Rest Rally will remind the rogue regulators at EPA, and their masters in the White House, that the American people are losing patience with, and just can’t afford, this regulate-everything, costs-be-damned attitude at EPA.”

In order to symbolize the constraints EPA overregulation places on the economy, and on average working Americans, the rally will feature representatives of various impacted industries bound in red tape. Some participants will also be wearing red tape handcuffs in order to drive the point home. AFP-Co is also billing the event as ”Occupy EPA,” taking a page from the progressive playbook by highlighting how ”1 percent” of politicians and unelected bureaucrats impose a job- and opportunity-killing regulatory regime on ”99 percent” of the American people.

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  • Madness, simply madness.

  • PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE set up a rally in Gillette Wyoming, where there are a dozen Coal mines. These people work very hard and it would be impossible for a lot of them to travel to Denver in the middle of the week!!! We are personally affected!! I know of Dozens of people who would be out of a job if they shut down the coal mines in Wyoming

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