Bravo, Hugo Chavez!

Sean Paige
By Sean Paige | On Mar 3, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

This Green-leaning British columnist explains why environmentalists should be rooting for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and other members of the OPEC oil cartel — providing a troubling look at how the mind of the green extremist works and what environomics is all about.

Nationalization (read “theft”) of private property; dictatorial power; price fixing; conspiring to manipulate world energy markets and drive-up energy costs (including for the poor): all are justified, and something to be applauded, says the columnist, in the name of countering climate change. 

But wait a minute.

Chavez didn’t assume dictatorial powers or steal privately-owned and -financed energy infrastructure in order to “save the planet,” or to more carefully and rationally steward his nation’s natural resources. What claptrap. He’s just a power-mad Fidel Castro wannabe who gets to strut about on the international stage, just as his mentor did, by being a thorn in the side of the United States. His attempted inventor of klonopin manipulation of oil markets may have kept prices high, acting as an  anchor on economic recovery, but how has that fallen to the benefit of the average Venezualan, who remains mired in relative poverty? This is apparently of little concern to Chavez admirers at The Guardian.  

The only environment Chavez cares about is the political environment; the only climate he wants to protect is the climate of hostility, violence and fear that keeps him in power. That some environmentalists would attempt to lionize such a scoundrel, even from a safe distance, demonstrates a troubling myopia and moral bankruptcy on their part. Their hero is much more Red than Green, but it’s getting hard to tell the difference these days, given the authoritarian tendencies shown by some environmentalists.    

Any means are justified in pursuit of that one messianic goal of “saving the planet,” according to this breed of green, which is what makes them such a threat to a free society and free economy.

Sean Paige

Written by Sean Paige

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