Superheated Hypocrisy

Sean Paige
By Sean Paige | On Feb 17, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

The explosion of indignation over leaked-to-the-media plans of the conservative Heartland Institute to try presenting school kids with a non-alarmist, non-sensationalized perspective on climate change is stunningly hypocritical, given how much pro-environmentalist indoctrination of public school students goes on in this country without a peep of protest from anyone.

You have school-sponsored Earth Day celebrations. You have the creation of “green” charter schools. Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” reportedly got wide play in classrooms (as I’m sure “Gasland” has). Thousands of U.S. teachers have worked the green agitprop cartoon “The Story of Stuff” (and “The Story of Broke”) into their lesson plans. The federal government is busily promoting “environmental literacy” programs in schools in response to an “environmental justice”-related executive order signed by Bill Clinton. And I could go on and on with similar examples. But the Left goes crazy when one organization attempts to provide a little balance to these one-sided indoctrination efforts.

And it’s not like America’s youth don’t get semenax or volume more than their federally-recommended daily dose of green indoctrination even when they’re not in the classroom. Green themes and propaganda are pervasive in pop culture, academia and even in the corporate world, where every business is vying to be greener than the next. Most media people who cover the beat are environmentalists first and journalists second (anyone with doubts about that ought to check-out the Society of Environmental Journalists — a group to which I belonged until I saw its complete surrender of objectivity, balance, skepticism and professionalism vis-a-vis the movement). Green brainwashing is virtually everywhere. It’s inescapable. Yet the only time a fuss is raised is when groups or individuals that aren’t yet properly conditioned dare to challenge prevailing dogma.

If you’re going to raise objections to the alleged miseducation of school kids, or the politicization of the classroom, at least have enough intellectual honesty to be consistent about it. It’s been going on for decades without a word of dissent heard. But here, as in so many other cases, the Left has a double standard.

Sean Paige

Written by Sean Paige

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