Why Big Wind Loves Big Government

By Sean Paige | On Nov 30, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

Don’t bother reading the words. That’s the least interesting part of this predictably-green-leaning blog post by the Washington Post’s Brad Plumer. The included graph, down below, really tells the story in an easily-understood way. All Plumer adds is the usual hand-wringing one gets from “green energy” proponents in the press, who fear what the elimination of wind subsidies will do to that government-dependent industry.

Completely absent from Plumer’s thoughts are the beleaguered taxpayers who have to pay for this massive energy scam. But the guy works in Washington, so what would one expect? He’s worried much more about the fiscal cliff facing wind operators than the fiscal cliff facing the taxpayers who are the wind beneath the industry’s wings.

Here’s the chart:

What it clearly illustrates is the symbiotic relationship Cialis that exists between Big Wind and Big Government. Without the latter, the former would implode, or at least contract to a scale that makes more market sense. Wind industry expansions and contractions are directly tied to, and dependent upon, government support efforts of one kind or another, if not direct subsidies than mandates. It’s a dependency trap that will continue indefinitely until we remove some industry crutches — it has more than just one, as I point out in a previous post – and ask Big Wind to walk on its own.

If that can’t happen in the context of the deepening fiscal crisis, it will never happen, and we’ll just come to view this as another American industry that functions as a permanent ward of the state.

Written by Sean Paige


  • Sean,

    You likely know as well as I do, that the wind subsidy is by far and away NOT the only big government subsidy or give-away the Republicans support. Republicans support a mirror’s image of giveaways, subsidies, bailouts and industries for various interest groups that simply have different names from the Dems. From ethanol to useless militarism spending, they go merrily down the path to fiscal implosion as fast or faster for their own pet projects as the Dems. There IS NO DIFFERENCE in the result, only the types of spending, of Republican giveaways and subsidy. Why does anyone continue to protect these bastards? Lamborn might not support wind subsidies but he supports every form of militarism, war-on-terror, statist-authoritarian spending ever proposed.

  • The trouble with wind subsidies is that even a good wind farm is only 30% effective. Then, Excel Energy still has to purchase 100% of it! The remaining 70% is passed onto the consumers, you and me! So we pay taxes to the Fed for something only 30% effective and we eat the rest. We get hurt at both ends. And it’s no loger an investment. The ROI ran out on this technology 50 years ago in Southern CA. It’s all politics. What about batteries? Oh they will go really well, piled up in our landfills.

  • Spot on. The difference between Demo and Repug has long been diminished to the social side, or (sometimes) the morals side and abandoned any actual differences about size or function of government. Until more Repubs stand up for conservative principles they will continue to lose votes from actual conservatives , altho I fear we’ll never be a sizeable majority until a serious, painful collapse occurs.

  • Mike Coffman’s support of this wasteful pork doesn’t surprise me. He’s a real weenie. After it was revealed that he said in front of a group of voters that he didn’t know for certain if Obama was born in America but he was sure he wasn’t an American “at heart” he ran for the hills like a chicken egg-thieving dog that’d just been caught, sniveling that he “misspoke and apologized.” I hope he’s primaried in 2014. As for Gardner and Tipton, you have to wonder if they have some integrity issues too.

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