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By Sean Paige | On Oct 2, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

Green fanatics will get even more of what they want in Obama’s second term, former White House climate adviser Carol Browner told a group of environmentalists late last week – which is something that should evoke dread in anyone who’s watched what’s happened in the Great One’s first term.

A “wish list” is already written-up, Browner said, though she smartly declined to get specific, since the terrible, economy-killing details might harm the President’s chances of reelection. But big plans are afoot, reports politico:

“Never fear, former White House climate adviser Carol Browner assured
environmentalists Thursday night — President Barack Obama has a big to-do list
when it comes to their issues in a second term.

What exactly is on that list? Browner didn’t say in her pitch to a
constituency that has had a sometimes fraught relationship with Obama. But she
said environmentalists face a clear choice in November.

“We know there’s more work to do to defend the progress we’ve made. We’ve
achieved a remarkable amount in 50 years,” Browner said on a campaign conference
call, referring to Thursday’s 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel
Carson’s “Silent Spring.”

“But the decisions we make in the next four will have a lasting impact on
generations to come,” she added.

Browner had plenty to say about the administration’s achievements: investing
in clean energy, securing new fuel economy standards, proposing rules limiting
emissions from new power plants.

Browner, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator who is now at
the Center for American Progress, also assured environmentally minded supporters
that the president will remain faithful to their issues.

“I can tell you, having potent 20mg levitra spent two years in the White House with the
president, that this is not a fad. The president believes deeply in these
issues,” she said. “At every turn he has looked at what are the tools available
to him to really help build a clean-energy future for this country and has been
committed throughout his first four years in office, and there’s no doubt in my
mind this will be a big part of his to-do list and he will remain committed in
the next four years.”

The professional malcontents who constitute the green lobby are famously hard to please or placate. Some are withholding praise for Obama despite:

  • The derailing of the Keystone XL pipeline;
  • Unilateral administration cancellation of energy leases across the West;
  • An attempt at Cap and Trade that (thankfully) failed;
  • The mass listing of hundreds of endangered species as part of an extremely favorable “settlement” with green litigants;
  • An unrelenting EPA war on coal-fired power plants;
  • The squandering of billions of dollars on “clean energy” flops (ala Solyndra) that are popular with Gang Green;
  • Billions more “invested” in renewable energy fads that contribute little to the nation’s overall energy portfolio or security;

That’s just a partial, off-the-cuff list of the major panders we’ve seen from this White House. A good measure of just how radical these green groups are can be discerned in the fact that these actions – audacious by any previous standards — have left so many in the movement unhappy and unsatisfied. If this hasn’t made Gang Green happy, what will?

It’s scary to think what may lay ahead, and what might be on that “wish list” Browner is talking about, if this guy wins a second term.

Written by Sean Paige

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