Talk ‘Dirty’ to Us, Al

By Sean Paige | On Sep 24, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

Al Gore invented the Internet, according to Al Gore, so why can’t he invent a new global warming catchphrase? The term is ”dirty weather,” which he evidently hopes will finally stampede gullible Americans down a road they otherwise refuse to travel. Gore apparently is starving for a little attention, what with all the adulation his former running mate and boss has been getting, so he cooked-up a self-glorifying media spectacular, scheduled for November, which is designed to move this back burner issue (along with Gore’s face) front and center again. (Collaborating on the project is Sen. Mark Udall’s wife, Maggie Fox, who once ran the Sierra Club but now scares people professionally as CEO of  something called the Climate Reality Project.)

The term “dirty weather” is nonsense, of course — the latest attempt by climate cultists to manipulate language in order to manipulate public opinion. But here’s what Fox and Al say it means, according to a report in The Hill newspaper:

“We are in a new era where the … extreme weather that is occurring is not fully caused by the natural cycles of time and natural events, but by dirty energy, so it is really important to articulate that and name it more precisely,” said Maggie Fox, the CEO of the Climate Reality Project, in an interview Saturday.

Organizers call the November cialis female event part of an effort to counter the lobbying and financial power of oil and coal interests by using social media and other tools to engage people directly.

Gore said on Sunday that “dirty weather” is weather that’s enabled by emissions from fossil fuels and “misinformation” about climate change.

“This crisis has to be understood in order to be stopped. The misinformation includes messaging that it is not happening, that we can’t solve it, that we can’t afford to act,” the former vice president said in a videotaped announcement. “However, together with your help and the full force of our 21st Century technology and media, we can stop the misinformation and the dirty weather, and we can solve the climate crisis,” he said in remarks to a conference in New York City on technology and social change.”

Okay, okay, I know it’s just more alarmist mumbo-jumbo. But let’s see how quickly it takes the green-leaning media to popularize this silly new meme. I set up a new Google Alert for “dirty weather.” It got 3 hits in online publications in the past 24 hour period. I’ll check it regularly to see how quickly this permeates the media landscape.

In the meantime, won’t somebody please pay a little attention to Al Gore? Then maybe he’ll leave the rest of us alone.

Written by Sean Paige

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