All Of The Above, Except Coal and Nuclear

By Sean Paige | On Sep 14, 2012 | No Comments | In blog
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar may wear a cowboy hat but he just isn’t shooting straight about this administration’s say-one-thing, do-another energy policy. What it calls all-of-the-above is actually some-of-the-above, with extreme green fossilfuelphobes dictating which technologies are acceptable and which are anathema.

If Obama’s energy policy truly was “all of the above,” as we’ve heard repeatedly, why the need for the “expanded” all-of-the-above policy that Salazar announced today? After all, how can you expand what’s already all-inclusive, according to this administration’s spin?

The fact is that this administration has never had an all-of-the-above policy, and it’s still waging regulatory war on coal and natural gas fracking even as we speak. Salazar made no mention in his remarks about a continuing place in the nation’s energy portfolio for coal and xanax 2 nuclear power,  even though these together account for roughly 50 percent of US electric output. How the Obama White House intends to fill that yawning chasm, what this might cost, and what euthanizing two of our energy sector workhorses might mean in terms of natural gas prices and utility billpayer impacts wasn’t addressed. And of course the lapdog media made no note of this discrepancy, or of potential future costs filling this energy gap would impose, since the last thing most reporters tend to consider, in terms of consequences, are costs.

A true all-of-the-above energy policy can’t be achieved by politicians who pander to the most extreme elements, as we’re seeing here. We could double our wind power capacity overnight just by harnessing the dishonest spin this White House is putting out, in an effort to mask its energy policy failures.

Written by Sean Paige

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