Federally-Funded Fearmongering

By Sean Paige | On May 11, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

It’s still a semi-free country, at least on paper. And federal employees enjoy the same First Amendment protections the rest of us do, when they’re off the clock. But what really bugs me about Climate Cult High Priest James Hansen — otherwise known as NASA’s Nostradumbass — is that he’s made a career for himself as one leader of the Chicken Little Lobby, all while pulling down a fat federal paycheck and accruing a fat federal pension.

There must be a dozen green groups that would gladly pay Hansen to do his fearmongering for them, in the private sector. And that’s where he belongs. I cheapest place to buy propecia object to my tax dollars being used to pay this quack’s salary. I object to him trading on NASA’s name to lend legitimacy to his ravings — a feeling apparently shared by a number of former astronauts and senior agency employees, who believe the agency is suffering a credibility gap as a result of its alliance with the alarmist camp.

There’s undoubtedly a great job waiting for Hansen on the outside, in the booming Environmental Anxiety Industry: one in which he can cry “wolf” all day and night without reaching into the taxpayers’ pocket for a subsidy. It’s time that Hansen stopped leeching off the taxpayer and made a career change.

Written by Sean Paige

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