Election Year Conversion

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File this one away under the heading “Election Year Conversions.”
Within days of taking the job, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was unilaterally and illegally cancelling planned energy leases in Utah, in a pander to zero-drilling zealots. Or doesn’t anyone out there remember that? And those knee-jerk anti-drilling tendencies held true until just a few months ago, when spiraling gas pump prices and a looming election sent a panicked White House into butt-covering mode. Suddenly, all the President’s muppets are doing everything possible to seem pro-domestic energy development, by frantically Generic Viagra erasing the last three and a half years from our collective memory banks.
Anyone who believes it really must be living in the United States of Amnesia.
And how is it that one of those anti-everything green groups actually signed-off on this energy development deal? It’s only because the company involved succumbed to a shakedown by agreeing to pay the feds a bribe by “purchasing river lands for protection.”
In the developing world that’s called “extortion.” But in this case, in this country, it’s lauded as “cooperation.” Go figure.

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