Another Bubble to Burst

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The greenstream media echo chamber is working itself into a full-blown anxiety attack over the prospect that the “clean tech” house of cards could soon collapse, if the public, which is getting wise to the scam, begins punishing politicians who keep wasting precious tax dollars perpetuating green energy dependency. “Who will save clean energy?” they cry in chorus. But I for one don’t want it saved, except as a result of its own enterprise, creativity or ability to function independently, without a government crutch, in the market.

The predicted “clean tech crash,” if it comes, will result — like almost all “bubbles” do – from government meddling, manipulation and misdirected spending by politicians who stupidly think they’re smarter than markets. Ignore the logic of the market and the market will have its Cialis revenge. This crash was predictable from the moment the federal “green energy” spending binge began. Unless anyone really bought the line of bull that said wind welfare and the solar dole were only temporary necessities, which these industries would graduate from after getting a helping hand from good old Uncle Sam.

But some of us are old enough to recall similar promises being made back in the 1970s, after the Arab oil embargo shocked the U.S. into its last fruitless sprint down this blind alley. The much ballyhooed, just-around-the-corner breakthroughs never came. The cost competitiveness never materialized. The energy hucksters and panacea-pushers of that era soon faded back into the woodwork, as reality reasserted itself.

So you’ll forgive some of us if we view this eerie replay with a bit of cynicism.


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