The Gall Of Rome

By Sean Paige | On Apr 27, 2012 | No Comments | In blog

Ever wonder what federal regulators say to eachother behind closed door? Wouldn’t it be interesting (and no doubt disconcerting) to be a fly on the wall in the conference room where they were plotting their next regulatory attack on the productive sector of the U.S.  economy?

That’s what I think we get a glimpse of in the revealing video of a senior EPA administrator, and Barack Obama political appointee, boasting about the agency’s desire to “crucify” American oil and gas producers — which ought to put to rest any lingering doubt about this administration’s attitude toward fossil fuel producers. What purpose do private environmental groups serve when you have professional government bureaucrats pushing the same radical green agenda, only from the inside, with the entire weight and cialis prices resources of the federal government behind them.

Particularly revealing is the analogy this petty tyrant uses to describe the relationship between the EPA, which he likens to Imperial Rome, and the enslaved peons out in the provinces, which means the rest of us, who must be taught to fear the power of our distant masters in Imperial Washington. That’s probably really the way they look at the rest of us — as subjects who are there to be taxed, and tamed when we don’t submit to their dictates. And given this imperious attitude, which most Americans detect, we’re beginning to look at Washington the way its subjects once must have looked at corrupt, decadent, overbearing Rome.

Written by Sean Paige

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